Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Teacher Man

The story is deeply thinking about the job of teacher. I think it is one of the difficult job and worth job in the world. I thought the job in the teacher's side (not student's side) by the story. And I remembered some teachers who was my favorite. I like almost of all my teachers.
Q39. Imagine that you are Frank McCourt. White about your saddest and your happiest memories of teaching. Say why you have chosen them.
The saddest memory was a student Hector in Fashion High school. I hit him across the face with a magazine. In the morning of the day, I fight with my wife and I was not good temper for teaching. I must apologize him as soon as possible but I didn't. I left the school soon at the vacation.
The happiest memory was a student Serena in Seward Park High School. I took my twenty-nine girls to a movie and a play. It was an excited memory of my teacher's life. Serena was a girl who ignored me at first time but after the trips to the movie and play, she changed her mind. She moved her house and wrote a letter to her friend that she was going to finish the high school and go to college to teach a little kids. The letter made me very happy.

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