Thursday, 9 July 2009

CALL - some interactive stuff

One of my lads has been struggling to keep up with his mates, and I was getting worried he was starting to feel the heat - they've started taking the I wanted to change tack a bit but still concentrate on our target vocab - colours.

In doing so, I didn't want to be 'just colouring', which this can often descend into. Instead, used a good resource (Scholastic's vocab series is excellent) which had a dozen or so line drawings of national flags (European). First task was to colour by numbers (ie read the names of the colours) and to predict which belonged to the list of countries in a list below.

To check, we went to a database of flags and then searched by choosing colours, patterns & designs, and selecting the number of stripes etc. Lots of good speculation and genuine 'need to know'. Some of them they knew, some were 'new', and some we right but wrong - Japanese names for some countries are from that country's language (eg 'Deutz') rather than our English word (Germany). On top of that, some are hard to read - Germany again, or Portugal.

As you can see, we had a good time, and learnt something a bit different into the bargain. And, my struggler was in his element :)

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