Sunday, 12 July 2009

Dear all. This is my first blog to write down my own record of Sai-river.Hope everyone who visit my blog enjoy the contents.
I have started fly-fishing when I was 22 years old. Till now, 25 years were spent !
From 2 years before , due to the recommendation of my fried , I have started fly fishing at big river. Sai-river is national-wide famous river for the big and beautiful rainbow-trout. Attached photo is a biggest one of this year I caught , 45cm. At this moment, due to heavy rain , Sai-river is full of dark water so that I have to upset go fishing. Due to latest weather report, there have no-rain in this week , so that I may have a chance to go fishing.
I expect to see bigger one . Next time , I introduce you my tackle and Fly step by step. See you in very soon.
Sai-river keeper.