Sunday, 12 July 2009

Touching the Void

I had read this book with anxious and happy.
8. When Simon is sorting out Joe’s possessions, he says “I found his diary too. He had written something almost every day, even on the plane from London.”
Imagine you are Joe and write a paragraph for your diary, either from
the plane journey from London
the camp at the bottom of Siula Grande, before the climb
your hospital bed when recovering from the accident

"the plane journey from London"

Simon and I were in the plane from London to Lima. I was planning to climb Siula Grande. Joe was excited to see it on the plane. We wanted to find a mountain that was more challenging than the Alps. That was Siula Grande. I was excited, too.

"the camp at the bottom of Siula Grande, before the climb"
Simon and I had met Richard in a bar in a hotel in Lima. Richard was interested in seeing the Andes. He promised to look after our tent and equipment while we were climbing. We thanked Richard.

"your hospital bed when recovering from the accident"
I was in my bed. It was terrible climbing and long trips from base camp. I was happy to return here with Simon. I thought he was dead at the accident. But he thought I was dead because he cut the rope which tied my body. He regretted that he decided to cut the rope. I thought it was a right decision. I would do same thing if I was in his situation.