Saturday, 25 July 2009

The Day of the Jackal

I’ve seen two versions of the film. I remember Richard Gear is casted the Jackal in the remaking one. This is a much exciting story which let me see the film again.

Q: Imagine a meeting between Marc Rodin, Rene Montclair and Andre Casson after they have learned that the Jackal has failed to kill the president. Write the conversation between the three of them.

Marc Rodin: This time we could most cross to the President Charles de Gaulle.
Rene Montclair: But we couldn’t get it. The Jackal was completely fault the assassin.
Maer Rodin: I can’t be along with you. Thought he was almost in danger in his early stage of the plan, but he did continue the plan with his confidence. We should praise his work.
Andre Casson: And you Rene has double mistakes, I think.

Rene Montclair: What mistake shall I have?
Andre Casson: So, he was not the Jackal, and we never know his real name.

Marc Rodin: Yes. He was a professional killer, and he was still mysterious in our mind.

(These three members are including OAS who want to kill the President of France, Charles de Gaulle)

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jim said...


Good posting again, well done.

I saw the Richard Gere/Bruce Willis remake and thought it was dreadful...I really enjoyed the original with Edward Fox set in Paris. It inspired me to read the book, then other Frederick Forsyth thrillers.

Keep up the good work.