Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Back to school

I was very happy to be getting out of bed this morning to teach at our pre-school; it has been a little while and I have missed the intimacy of our little learners and their go for it personalities.

Motor skills - big problem here = both boys le...Case in point is Hinata's use of scissors - bizarrely had to tell her mum that she is left-handed (thought surely a mum would notice something obvious like that?!) and as a result was having a lot of difficulty with regular scissors & getting quite frustrated, poor thing. Now with the right tools, the girls are really in business! (The two lads pictured are both southpaws trying hard with inappropriate tools).

Today we were looking at /Nn/ words in particular (new flashcard set will be up on Quizlit tonight), colouring, cutting, sorting & sticking. We also played a couple of 'new' games - making letter sets, pairs, and flashcards on the floor/dice race kind of thing. Amazing what even a few weeks can mean in terms of development. Much more co-operative & democratic mood!

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