Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Pre-schoolers on the buses

Looking for signs of life in our flower beds already! Been a very wet last couple of days here (just rainy, or has the rainy season arrived?). The girls were very excited to see nothing at all - can't wait until we get some shoots appearing.

We were talking about the things we do, and the order in which we do them today in pre-school. Seems sensible to have breakfast after we get out of bed (OK, not always!) etc, and the first time we have asked our little ones to process activities in this way (ie sequence them formally). We also ended up talking about buses a lot - the "Wheels on the Bus" song is a firm favourite, and today no claustrophobia from Hinata so she 'got on' the bus and drove along with us to the shops, stopping to 'buy' lots of stuff. There is an app on my iPhone of this song which is cool, including being able to record your own voice(s).

Without anywhere special in mind, and not a lot of time to spare, we decided we should catch a bus this afternoon - our first time! No seat belts so sit down and hold tight! We watched the driver, and paid when we got off (at the front - we got on at the back). The bus wasn't pink or blue as we'd predicted, but white.

We  got off at Asama, crossed the road carefully at the crossing, and waited for another bus to take us back to school. We sang along on the back seat, and counted HS kids getting on. Ice cream treat from the shop on the way back, paying the man and saying thank you :)  A very exciting little excursion and a nice change in routine!
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