Friday, 14 May 2010

Takako getting famous

Unfortunately the image processing in my iPhone rather over did it, so this is a bit hard to read. It is even harder if you can't read Japanese :) It is an article in the local paper about the help available to non-Japanese visitors to our fair city.

One of our old students from my NHK class quit working in a dull bank in Tokyo recently, coming 'home' to Matsumoto and found a much more interesting position working for the city, in the Tourist Information office.

Takako's English is great, and she has just the right kind of personality to help 'lost' foreigners. Although she is a local girl, she is having to learn a lot about the city on the job! Whenever I am passing the office, on Honmachi dori (approaching the castle, left side os the street) I like to drop in and pull her leg.

Gambatte Takako! Great to know visitors are in good hands!