Friday, 28 May 2010

Nomihodai Algorhythm - 45 & out

Oh Shit Yes!!!Image by ijiwaru jimbo via Flickr
To celebrate turning forty (bloody) five, Team Jim invites friends and especially recent EX-STUDENTS to come and commiserate tomorrow evening in town (Matsumoto).

The object of the exercise is to see just how much value for our money we can achieve. This is the nomihodai algorhythm. For Y2,000 you can drink as much as you like for two hours. Of course, if you only have two beers, then you're not making the most of the opportunity to maximise benefit. On the other hand, pommelling down the "dai jokkis" (large handled glasses) and having your table chockers with full ones by the final bell - classic exponential curve as practiced guzzlers accelerate into mission - would suggest a better beer <> yen ratio.

Unofficial guidelines do exist for toilet dashes, food, soft-drinks & rain - but they are unofficial & as such also unpublished.

Meet 6pm by the castle.
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Michiyo&Masanori said...

Happy Birthday!

jim said...

We had to have reserved the nomihodai in advance - how anal is that? I mean, you see the sign, you think 'yep, I am that thirsty' and you go for it don't you?

In the end we found room at the Zawatami inn and had a go at their sake reserves. Hajime fell asleep soon + Zzz pics!


PS See Facebook for more tanjobi wishes