Friday, 7 May 2010

Desert, Mountain, Sea

This book contains three adventure stories, all the stories feature real adventurous woman.

The first woman is Robyn Davidson. She walked nearly 3,000km across the Australian desert with her dog and four camels. The second woman is Arlene Blum. She led a team of ten women to the top of Annapurna which is one of the highest mountain in the world. The third woman is Naomi James. She sailed around the world alone.

I particularly liked second story which inspired me to gather information about climbing method(Style).
In the story, only two women of the team had reached the summit of Annapurna. I wonder if the rest of the team member climbed the mountain only to support two summiteers. Later, I was led to know that they use the "polar method".
What the method does, is sets base camp at safe place, and slowly climb toward summit setting one front-line camp after another. A small number of team members are given chance to attack the summit, and many members of team only do setting camps and moving equipments from lower camp to upper camp. The "polar method" is safe method, however it's needed a lot of time, human resources and money.

Alpine-Style(rush tactics) is the other method of climbing. In this method, all members climb toward summit together and do everything by them selves(setting camp, carrying equipments etc.) I read somewhere that this method is supported by the majority of alpinist.

I'm surprised to know there are many method of climbing.
This book got me interested in the climbing and motivated to climb mountain. I want to try to climb mountain in Nagano Pref. this summer.


jim said...


This sounds like a really interesting adventure book. I'd love to read about your mountaineering exploits this summer - which mountain and which approach?

Keep up the good work!


Masao Kuroda said...
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Masao Kuroda said...

I will try to climb Mt. Goryu, Happo or Tsugaike, because these places have lift to take people to the middle of the mountain. When I climb mountains, I have to take our children. So I want to let them look beautiful scene around mountain with a little hard walking.
Masao Kuroda