Friday, 14 May 2010

The songs of Distant Earth

This story is a science fiction, but I think it seems like a love story. Because almost of the story was described about Lora and Leon’s love story. Leon had come from Earth. He met Lora on the beautiful beach in Thalassa where was peaceful and young planet and they got to know each other and fell in love, but at the end...... I I felt sorry for Lora and Clyde who was ex-boyfriend of Lora.

Use the notes to write a paragraph for each of these different endings for The Songs of Distant Earth. Which ending do you prefer-one of these, or the one in the story? Explain why.

I prefer No2, because everybody would be happy at the end.

2. Leon decided to stay on Thalassa, because he loved Lora intensely. Finally, he married Lora. He made up his mind to make a living as a fisherman. At first, it was so difficult for him to get a lot of fish, but he was an engineer, so he invented his fishing tool to get a lot of fish. He and Lora lived simple, peaceful life in Thalassa.
Clyde was very disappointed in their marriage and unhappy, but he changed his mind. He quickly made a recovery and he married someone else soon. So this story ended when everybody was happy……oh, this story is too normal and must be boring for readers.

By the way, the name of translator from English to Japanese is Asakura-san. It is said that his name was from Arthur Clarke...Arsaur klarku...Asa-kura-ku...Asakura... It's funny for me.

Masao Kuroda

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