Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Elephant hunt

Today we went on an elephant hunt - it was too beautiful as morning to miss the chance. We made a list of things we were going to find along the riverside, put on hats and suncream, and set off with our eyes peeled!

We found lots and lots of flowers - all the colours we know of course! We looked closely and found a ladybird and some bees, and all around us were lots of butterflies: they were all on our list. We hunted harder and had a good look from the bridge, but not a goat or an elephant in sight - not even any ducks. We saw some tiddly little fish, just as we were giving up, and headed back indoors for lunch - hunting makes you hungry!

This afternoon we got our fingers busy. We have some very nice pictures to feed string around, following the numbers from one to twenty. This is tricky, tongues out kind of tricky! We did a glove, a fish, a welly, a teddy bear, a duck and a leaf.

We also did some braiding, and threaded different shapes onto pipe-cleaner as bracelets and things. We all looked very cool and had super nimble fingers!

Friday is going to be planting day...

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