Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Bizarrest injury ever

I have to apologise to poor little Takumi - he came into Luna today with the weirdest piece of headgear I've seen for a while. Then I realised it was actually a surgical net - looked like a scrum cap, and I assumed he'd been doing sumo or something daft, maybe got a cauliflower ear?

Not at all. He said it was a burn. Ouch. But how???

When he told us he'd managed to do it in the sea, we couldn't stop laughing - how on earth? The only way we could think of was a really bad sunburn - but his neck was OK, and he wasn't particularly brown....anyway, didn't want to dwell on it as he was looking a bit sheepish. Would love to know how he did it, because for my money it'd have to be almost impossible to do again.

Get well soon Takumi - sorry we laughed. I am sure it hurt.
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