Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Grace Darling

This is the true story of Grace Darling a girl who became a famous heroine in Scotland.This story is described by two scene.
One scene is a passenger's point of view on the Forfarshire. Forfarshire is called a good modern steamship and strong by people, but their engine was too old. Another scene is a young woman's point of view. She works in a lighthouse with her family.

The Forfarshire journeys from Hull to Dundee in Scotland. It came across storm and ship engines was stopped. Then it crashed into rocks and was shipwrecked near coast. there was lighthouse near that Grace Darling works in.
This is the lighthouse where Grace Darling and... 
And Grace Darling found ship's passengers on rocks. Then she decided to help courageously.
Two scene become one finally. This story is suspensive and interesting.
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