Sunday, 23 May 2010

Changing their Skies

1. Perhaps one day Joey’s mother found the little toy aeroplane in Joey’s school bag. Here is her conversation with Joey. Write in the speakers’ names, and put the conversation in the right order. Joey’s mother speaks first (number 3).
[order] (speaker)
1 [5] (Mother) What do you mean, you don’t know? Did you steal it?
2 [8] (Joey) He … the mean with the wheelbarrow.
3 [1] (Mother) Joey! What’s this that I found in your school bag?
4 [6] (Joey) No, I didn’t! Someone gave it to me.
5 [11] (Mother) So it came from that smelly rubbish pit! Go and throw it at once, Joey!
6 [2] (Joey) It’s a toy aeroplane, Mother.
7 [9] (Mother)What wheelbarrow? Oh, you mean Mazambezi?
8 [4] (Joey) I-I-I don’t know where it came from.
9 [3] (Mother) I can see it’s an aeroplane! Where did it come from?
10 [10] (Joey) Yes.
11 [7] (Mother) Who? Come on, who gave it to you?

2. What do you think Joey did next? Choose one of these.
I think he hid it in a much more secret place.