Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Grace Darling

1. Thomasin Darling wrote a letter to her son William, telling him about the stormy night. Can you find and correct the twelve mistakes in it?

The Light house, Longstone Island

Dear William
I have so much to tell you! We have had a terrible storm here. It lasted for seventy-two hours, and the waves were more than twenty metres high!

A ship called the Forfarshire was wrecked on the rocks. It was a big ship and it broke into two pieces. Some of the passengers climbed onto Harker's Rock.

Grace was the first person to see the shipwreck and the passengers waiving on the rock. Your father and Grace then got the boat out and rowed to the rock, but only five people could get in our little boat. The passengers helped to row the boat back, and then your father and two other men went to the rock a second time and saved four more passengers.

Your sister Grace is now a famous heroine, and the Queen is writing to thank her - it's in all the newspapers!

Come home soon.
Love from Mother

I think that the story is like as Titanic.
However the story is less famous than Titanic, because it is not Love story.
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