Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Red Dog

No4. Use clues below to help you complete this crossword. Then find the hidden word in the crossword.

1 A ___ is an Australian animal.
2 Red Dog liked to __ cats.
3 There was a __ in the caravan park which said NO DOGS.
4 When Red Dog broke wind, there was always a terrible __.
5 Nancy lived in a __ while the builders were finishing the new homes.
6 At a __, people often cook meat over an open fire.
7 Red Dog wore a __ round his neck with his name on it.
8 Red's friends put up a __ to him in Dampier.
9 When someone shot Red, his friends took him to the __ in Port Hedland.

The hidden word in the crossword is WALKABOUT.

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