Monday, 17 May 2010

Now I know my ABCs

I know it looks a bit counter-intuitive to have the alphabet reading right to left, but I knew Sho would be turning around to check his progress. He's also left-handed, so I wanted to see if this way around would  make any difference (plus Yusuke  was running capital letters on the other side of the table to 'mirror' his progress). Not entirely scientific but it worked!

Rule of the house is 'If you're using materials, milk them!' So the ABC song at speed, then a rock/scissors/paper (janken) race. Now, taking out a few letters each time to upset the rhythm/actually recognise the letters (and not repeat a memorised pattern) a real challenge they got their teeth into.

Lastly, for fun, same games but using the animals - some unusual ones to slow proceedings down (promote 'need' to ask me 'What's this?' in a hurry - narwhal, squirrel, umbrella bird, jaguar & vulture).Again, take out the easy ones & you've got yourself a dentist's dream - high speed drilling!

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