Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Information Technology

Q3. How do you feel about computers and information technology?
1. For me, the best thing about computers is able to keep data.
2. I like to use a computer when netsurfing.
3.The best thing about mobile phones is to be able to call at anytime. The worst thing about mobile phones is always called.
4. I think that buying things on the Internet is a good idea because we are able to buy anywhere anytime.
5. I think that learning how to use information technology is important because IT develops more and more from now.

1 comment:

jim said...


Can you imagine a world without computers? I often worry that if for some reason we were unable to turn things on (ie have no electricity) our society would break down almost immediately. In this modern age, people just don`t know how to do the simple stuff - like proove mathematical formula or read a map.

Just a thought.... Jim