Tuesday, 19 May 2009

One Day

This story("One Day") consists of four heroes(Jason, David, Margie, and Sam) small stories,and it was limited to two sections with each content changed, so I felt not so understood.
I strongly felt the significance of the letter by through this story.Because as Jason caused that can not go to univercity of his choice by don't posted the letter. And as Margie caused that can not connect love even though Margie and Xavier with love.
At modern, E-mail is the most information transport way then I feel more convenient because don't worry like as this story(there is not risk which the letter doesn't post as this story). On the other hand, I felt David and Sam have the rich humanity as sympathize with their family. As a result it be connected to HappyEnd with their life (Author's thinking such as an end).
The other side, Jason's end is a cruel result. I thought it was effected in home environment, and I think it's not only responsible to Jason himself, but also Jason's parents is more responsible because who have made to him alone. I guess there is a cause that his family relationship be broken by don't exist his father in the house for 12 years, then the character of Jason changes, he is broken love by the girlfriend, and as result, origins of the fire are caused by smoking the cigarette in Van.
Therefore, I actually felt that the story "One Day" just transmit telling the significance by time spent with the people in surroundings of one day by one day was precious.
Hironobu Inada

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A good attempt to make a long posting, thank you.

Can you edit the posting to include the question you are answering please?

I think you translated what you wanted to say from Japanese? Try writing in English with words you can use confidently - from your class book/ from the story?

This will help you avoid mistakes, and be easier to understand. Ask me in class if you have any questions? Nice try.