Thursday, 24 March 2016

After reading - an angry letter

I write to tell you, Josef, that your wife is dead. On Christmas night the guards shot her on the road at the border. She carried Pavel - your baby son,and my grandson- on her back.

Pavel was saved by a miracle. I thought Lenka protected her son. I loved Lenka very much - my valuable daughter. I was bereaved of my beloved daughter. Your 'friends' came and told me yesterday. 

You have Jan,and a new life in England. You took one grandson away from me and now my daughter is dead - because of you !! I never liked your work for freedom. I didn't understand. You were dangerous person for us. I just wanted a quiet family life.

Now What do I have? I only have Pavel!! I can't live after this without Pavel. I want live with Pavel as long as I live!! Don't worry about Pavel. Don't worry about me.

Don't write to me, and Don't write to Pavel, and Don't come back to Prague. I never want to see you or hear from you again.


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