Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Merlin emails King Arthur at Camelot

l  Merlin does email in his cave

to: King Arthur at Camelot.

Hi Arthur,

Maybe you do not believe my story when you read this letter.. Because I'm writing this letter in the cave!! One day I followed Vivian who can use magic very much. She requested me to show magic cave inside, so we went to the cave. We climbed a high mountain and came to a dark place with a lot of trees and a small river.

I taught a lot of magic to her and she was one of the best students. So I could not believe first time as she is very smart and kind.

I went to the cave at the head and she followed me. Suddenly she ran out the cave quickly and said magic word to close the cave. Unfortunately, I tried to escape from the cave but I could not go out there. The door was not move if I used magic. I shouted to outside to help but there is no one, so no one noticed me..

Anyway I will enjoy time during staying at cave. I am tired to live at present time so it is nice time to relax. There is no one to annoy me:)  

I am little sad as I cannot hear your success story but I hope to hear good news soon!

Best regards,