Tuesday, 29 March 2016

The Recent Weather in Ina

Japan has many “four-character idioms”.“SanKanShiOn” is one of them. It means alternation of three cold and four warm days.This March I can feel it more than ever before.
It snowed every 10days. But usually by the next day, the highest temperature is around 15 to 20 degrees…like spring! I don’t need a winter coat on a warm day. But I need it in the morning, night time and cold days. So I can’t change my wardrobe for the new season yet. And I cannot change my car tires.
Recently I can see some flowers have started blooming even weeds.
Just the one unfortunate thing …there are gale-force winds as seasons change.I don’t like chilly and windy weather.  But I’m enjoying seeing Japanese plum tree and snow in my garden.
Takato park in Ina is very famous for cherry blossoms.So I’m looking forward to visiting there in April.
Have you ever been to the park? You must visit there in the beginning of April.
If this weather like this month continues you can see cherry blossoms and snow at the same time. If so what a wonderful view!
But anyway I hope spring comes soon! Can’t wait!

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