Monday, 28 March 2016

After reading - a short history of religion in Japan

There are 8 million gods in Japan long long ago. For example, there is a god in the river, forest, and
mountain. The ancient people believed those natural gods in Japan.

The middle of six century, the buddhism came from Korea. The religion war happened with Mononobe and the Imperial Court. It was the first religion war of the Japanese history.

Mononobe supported traditional Japanese gods, the Imperial Court supported the Buddhism. At the end the Imperial Court won. But Japanese traditional gods never died out. The Imperial Court supported Buddhism and Japanese gods.

After that, Buddhism had many religion. They never had big troble with each Buddhism religion.

But 19 century, revolution happened in Japan, new government commanded Buddhism change to godist. After that, Japanese emperor is living god till the world II war finished.

Now, Japanese family have a 'Kamidana' and a 'Butsudan'. Kamidana is godist, Butsudan is Buddhism.

Both religion have been staying in Japanese people now. It is very rare case all over the world. Japanese love ambiguity. I think that both religion suit Japanese.

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