Friday, 11 March 2016

After reading_Apollo 13

・Man has not walked on the moon for nearly 50 years.
Should we try to return there?
Why/why not?

I think Man try to return the moon because there would be big discovery in the moon for the Man! There might be an alien. Man could become friend with an alien. An alien might be tell us new technology which human don’t have the technology and human technology will be improve.
In addition, we have a problem. Human popularity is growing and food will not be enough to full the growing people in the near future. So, the Moon would be become field grow the food if human find way to grow in the Moon. Also, I heard that living space is becoming limit under current human growing. If human find way or improve technology to live in the Moon, the Moon would become human place to live.
If we can live in the Moon, it is easy to travel from the earth to the moon. The moon will be very close planet for us. If we can go the moon easily, many vehicle like airplane, train and space shuttle would be more improve than current things. It will be give us good benefit to our life.

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