Thursday, 10 March 2016

Story-Based Approach - Chiyuki Yanase

Shinshu JALT were able to hold yet another successful event, this time at Matsumoto M-Wing on March 6, thanks to the fantastic and ever so charismatic presenter  Chiyuki Yanase, who made the trip up from Tokyo! There was plenty to take away from Chiyuki's co-constructive presentation (read: lots of teacher/student interaction. Yes, I was paying attention!)  'Story-Based Approach' for young learners, from theory to demonstrations, additional resources plus book recommendations.

Story time
It was very much a 'hands on' workshop, where we took part in many pre, while and post reading activities, usually working in small groups to build and collect ideas.  The activities catered for a broad range of language ability while simultaneously being adjustable to suit the interests and needs of the students. 

It was tremendous fun taking part in these activities, especially as it allowed an outlet for my competitive side! The entire room was gripped with each activity from start to finish. It also provided me with an insight into how to reproduce the same effects in my own classroom, and I feel as though I am now equipped with the means to generate the same buzz and excitement when we open our reading books at Luna.

Many thanks to Chiyuki Yanase especially, and to all participants for making this such a memorable event.

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