Wednesday, 2 March 2016

A fan mail to Jack Sparrow/Johnny Depp

I love Johnny Depp

Dear Johnny Depp,

I’m writing this letter from Japan and I hope you to read this letter..

I have been a fan of you since I was junior high school.

It was first time to watch a foreign film of Edward Scissorhands. I knew your name to watch the film. I was attracted by your performance very much!! Since then I’ve been a fan of you.

Recently, I watched “Black Pearl” and enjoyed the film. You performed Jack Sparrow who was mysterious man. I thought it is difficult to perform the character but I was impressed. I was attracted and it was pass watching movie fast!! The movie is very popular around the world. There are a lot of fans of you in Japan. I met Jack in my town who was wearing Jack’s clothes and make up like you in the film. Also, he moved like Jack. I suppose there is a lot of Jack as your performance was really great and Jack is famous, popular.

I always enjoy watching your film because you to be able to completely take on character every film. I would really like to know how you prepare the character when you decide to perform new film.

I love your work very much and also like your fashion. Your fashion shows your personality. (Some famous people in Japan imitate your fashion!) I wish I could have boyfriend like you.

I’m looking forward to watching new film.

May you have many more successful years to come.


Miyuki Yagi

「the Black pearl book」の画像検索結果