Tuesday, 8 March 2016

International Women's Day - #OneDayIWill

You may be aware that today is International Women's Day. For the occasion, and to support the hashtag #OneDayIWill, we got our female students to finish off the tweet in their own words.

Mrs X: #OneDayIWill go to other country and make a lot of youngman friends

Reiko: #OneDayIWill go to another country with my children

Yukari: #OneDayIWill be a billionaire $$

Yuka: #OneDayIWill study English in different country!!

Megumi: #OneDayIWill get much money and go to many countries by gorgeous ship

Eleanor: #OneDayIWill be a patissier

Rie: #OneDayIWill be slim belly and dance on stage!

Hakeu: #OneDayIWill give to my family more relaxing life