Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Letter from the future

Dear Harl,

When you read this, I would not be in the earth but I am happy if you could find this letter.

Now the world has been changed… not as I thought but nobody could image current world. As I said, the project X could be successful by us, the group of Drewitt’s. All Children and animals could have the telepath. I was very glad that all humans and living could know each other. But the tragedy had been started from that moment. Most of children could not live until 20 years old. Perhaps one in a hundred grew to be twenty. Do you think why they could not live for a long time? They killed by the telepath itself. Some of them shot themselves or jumped off buildings and many children have been dead.

I thought the world might be brilliant because of the telepath, but now the world seems to be going to dead, suicide by them. I understand I was wrong, but we could not stop the telepath… I am really sorry and miss you so much now, but I know it is too late.

I hope we could meet again future generation after we died.