Friday, 18 March 2016

After-reading - a letter to one of Henry's wives

Dear Katherine
Thank you for sending me a letter. When I read your letter, I remembered our wonderful times.After my brother Arthur died, I became your husband. I was so happy because you were graceful and dignified. I enjoyed horse-riding, playing teinnis,writing and playing music together.

But you were religious Christian.So you were too strict to your life. And then you miscarriaged mamy times.We have only a daugther.

Once there had only ever been one Queen in England and that was a terrible time, with a lot of fighting and killing. I don't want that to happen again after my death. If we have had some sons, our future would absolutely change.

I really want to have a son in this terrible time.

Even the Catholic Church and you will never agree this dovorce,I won't care this. Because I am the King of England. I can do everything.

I'll send this neclace with a gold cross to my daugther Mary.

King of England
Henry VIII

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