Tuesday, 22 March 2016

After Reading - Five Famous Fairy Stories

“Love can make everybody stupid.” 

Is this true?

I think this is true. Because love can make me stupid. If I love a man who is in a trouble, I try everything I can do to help him.

Sometime we can’t see everything except lover, and we can’t hear everything except lover’s. So sometime we make mistakes.

Some people received violence from their lover, but they don’t escape from them. After they received violence, the lover say sorry or they won’t using violence from now, they can forgive them. On the contrary they believe that they are only person who can understand about lover. If someone say they should part from their lover, they wouldn’t like to part more and more.

If people are asked to lend money from their lover, some people lend money. Sometimes they are in trouble when they decide to part from their lover.

On the other hand, people love their lover too much, they distress their lover. For example, they too worry about their lover to restraint upon the freedom of their lover. Not to meet the other (sex), not to talk with other (sex), not to found attractive…

I think everybody feel jealousy if their lover talk with other too friendly. I think love can make everybody stupid. Only some people represent their feeling and behave their feeling directly but everybody is same in our heart, I think.