Tuesday, 15 March 2016

After reading – The Year of Sharing

The Naked - There's a 'reality' TV show of people being left in very remote places, without any clothes, tools etc with an unknown partner, to survive for 21 days. Imagine this was you, in a forest like Richard. How would you survive - or fail?

     It is very difficult for me to imagine if I can survive without any clothes, tools etc with an unknown partner for 21 days as the current life is full of tools and very convenient.
     Anyway, imagining I am in a forest, I will look for the place that I can stay safety and comfortably first.  It should be like a cave on a higher place to avoid the attack by foreign enemies.  In addition, I learned from the book that smells are lost in water.  So, it is better to near river or lake.
     Secondly, I will find something that I can eat.  I like fruits, so I would like to get them as many as possible.  However, it will be not enough to survive for 21 days.  Therefore, I will try to catch fishes in river.  I prefer to meets, but I am not sure I can kill animals.  Moreover, I will have to build a fire to grill the fishes.  It should be very tough job.
     Finally, I want to find a friendly partner.  If I have a partner like monkey, I can learn about the forest more and must be encouraged in the life without people.