Tuesday, 22 March 2016

The Black Pearl - Shiver my timbers

「the Black pearl book」の画像検索結果What is good/bad about a pirate’s life?

My imagination of pirate is as the pirate in this movie. There are a lot of difference between my life and pirate’s.

I think the worst thing about pirate’s life is they have no home on the ground. So if the weather is bad, they have to stay in the ship on the sea. Maybe they have a lot of stock of food and alcohol. But they are not live alone, so they can’t eat or drink a lot anytime. And they don’t have time to spend alone.

I don’t have good impression for the pirate, but they may lead a well-regulated life. For example, every day they get up, have a meal, and go to bed same time. They look free, but actually they aren’t free, I think. They have rules and if someone break them, it is a matter of life and death to him/her. And they have a lot of dangerous in their life.

When they take something from other ship, the other ship’s crew may attack them to stave off a danger. And also sea is sometimes dangerous as I wrote before.

I don’t think they buy what they need in a shop like us, so sometimes they may not be able to take the thing they want to.

I think there are a lot of bad things about pirate’s life. I think my life is extremely better than them.

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