Tuesday, 8 March 2016

My scary story

I went snowboarding on the second weekend of January.
I really enjoyed with my family and friend. 
After snowboarding,We went to a hot spring near the snow park.
We enjoyed hot spring, However something scary happened when I was soaking in the hot spring. I looked at the window and saw a woman who had long hair. 
I thought the woman was reflected in the glass. And I looked back.
But there was nobody there. 
Then I was sure that the woman was outside.
My friend noticed the existence too. And we talked about her.
Because her atmosphere suggested a ghost. It was very weird !
She put a hand on her cheek  and glared at us. And someone embraced her waist. 
Me and friend watched exactly the same thing.
There was a hot spring outside. 
We decided go outside and make sure what she is. 
Outside was very cold with snow and we were very cold with her existence.
We looked at her as soon as we went outside. We should have seen the woman there, but we saw just stone covered with snow. 
Me and my friend looked at each other for a while.... We couldn't believe the result. Because we saw woman realistically and clearly. 

Just stone !?    What a wonder !!

But other people around us must have wondered why were we scared of "just stone".