Thursday, 17 March 2016

After-reading - Sally's column

Today I want my readers to know one miracle person. His name is Anthony Evans.

He is a very famous pianist. I thought he started to learn the piano when he was three like Mozart. But he was forteen years old before he touched a piano for the first time. It is a very strange and exciting story.

Tony Evans was the name when he was a boy. Tony wasn't a clever boy but he liked only music lessons. His family was poor so he had to work Mr Wood's farm from he was thirteen. He worked very hard for Mr Wood. Mr Wood was kind to him. Tony was happy.

One day Tony found an old piano. His fingers began to move when he touched the piano. He could play an old song from then. He practised the piano very hard, and he became a very famous pianist.

Perhaps I can say that the didn't find the piano but that piano found him.

Posted for Olga