Wednesday, 16 March 2016

After reading - The Children of the New Forest

Write about a time you have spent on a farm


My parents have rice field next to their house and the farm work is annual event for my family.  


In spring, we start the farm work after long winter.  We plow the fields and spread fertilize in the field.  We used to grow the rice seedlings by ourselves.  My parents needed to take care of rice seedlings according to temerature.  It needed a lot of efforts because the weather is changeable in April.  The temperature goes up like early summer, then it snows sometimes even in middle of April.  So, we finally decided to buy the rice seedlings from the professional farmer.


In early May, it is the season for rice planting.  The fields are filled by water and shine in the sun.  My brother operates rice planter and all other members help him to pass the rice seedlings and wash the pots at the river.


In September, we harvest rice.  The rice harvest is harder work than planting.  The relatives come and help us to collect the tied rice and put them on the bar for dry.  It takes all day long.  After drying for about two weeks, we thresh the rice and all farm work is finished with newly harvested rice.


I always feel the bonds with my family through farm work and am glad to have my son help together.

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