Friday, 25 March 2016

After reading - a summary of another Sherlock Holmes story

The Red-Headed League

One day a man visited Sherlock Holmes. He was confused by his recent mysterious experience. He was a master of pawnshop with red hair . He told the whole story to Holmes and Dr. Watson.

He employed a salesclerk who worked well and don’t mind working for low salary. A couple months later the salesclerk came with a newspaper and showed him a notice in the papers. It said an association of red hair man was looking for a member and member could get much salary for easy work. The salesclerk suggested him frequently to apply for membership of the association. A lot of red-hair men applied and he was adopted only. He had to stay an office from morning to afternoon and do boring job(to copy an encyclopedia? I’m not sure.) At the end of the week he received special much money. He went to the office and worked and got money every week. (Two or three months went by) one morning he found the office shut. There wasn’t any contact from the association and nobody knew about it. So he visited Sherlock Holmes.

The big project was attempted. Robbers tried to make an invasion upon a large safe of the basement of a bank. They digged tunnel to the safe and it went along just under the pawnshop. They had to make him go out not to notice the noise of construction.

Of course robbers were all arrested before stolen.

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