Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Five famous fairy stories

l  Beautiful daughter

What three impossible tasks would you set to any young man wanting to marry your daughter?

If some young men want to marry my beautiful daughter, I would set impossible task for them.

First, I ask them to give me a medicine for the elixir of life. Immortality is for subject of human as many famous King or Queen wanted to get the immorality to keep their power but there is no way to live forever. The medical is improving but it is impossible to be immortality under current skill. As well as, I ask young men to give proof for the medicine if they can provide. Example, they bring the immorality person, animal etc.. I want to avoid any lie when young men bring the medicine because it is difficult to judge whether the medicine is real even if I take the medicine as it is not sure I am to be immortality.

Second, I ask young men to give me “time machine”. It is impossible to travel past or future now. Some scientist is studying the mechanism for time traveling but there is no way as of today. If there would be the time machine in the world, I wanted to travel for Edo period. I want to see famous people who are written in text and take picture for the people. I send the photo or update in the internet, I would be rich because the picture is valuable.

I think this request is also very hard for young men. I don’t want to give my daughter for young men!

Third, I ask young men to give me machine to produce money forever. Of course it is real money can be produced. I don’t go police! I would like to be rich!

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